This Tragic LEGO Sculpture Perfectly Describes The Frustrations Of Life.

The most interesting people I’ve ever met, my partner included, love LEGO bricks. I didn’t grow up with them, but I hold a high regard for ‘toys’ that encourage innovation on a project basis. The result? Technical and imaginative masterpieces.

Take, for example, Jason Allemann and his work at JK Brickworks. Allemann has recently built a kinetic LEGO sculpture of the Greek mythological character, Sisyphus. Due to his deceitfulness, Sisyphus was given the punishment of rolling an immense boulder up a hill only to watch it roll back down in an eternal cycle. To quote Camus, ‘There is no more dreadful punishment than [that of] futile and hopeless labor.’

The design is based on a Disney Research video from 2013 with a few modifications made by Allemann.

Instructions for LEGO enthusiasts to build their own versions can be found here. Scroll down to admire snaps and a video of this mesmerizing project.

Pictured here is Jason Allemann’s interpretation of Sisyphus with scenes in Greek relief style at the base. Front: Sisyphus attacks some of the visitors to his kingdom.

Right: Hades intends on chaining up Sisyphus in the underworld, but his plans backfire.

Back: Sisyphus attacks a few guests while hosting a dinner party.

Left: Zeus hands him the ultimate punishment as a result of his evildoing.

The stand opens up in the front and the back. You can even disengage the motor and attach a crank to operate it manually.

And finally, the Sisyphus LEGO Kinetic Sculpture in action followed by Allemann’s explanation of its details and mechanics:

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This Tragic LEGO Sculpture Perfectly Describes The Frustrations Of Life.

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